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Send Your Message Through Bumper Stickers

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Send Your Message Through Bumper Stickers

Raleigh, NC, February 2017 – For car lovers, our custom bumper stickers are within reach with NC Logowear. Any sticker design that you would want to have for your car is just a snap. People who love cars want bumper stickers that can be used for various purposes. From religious to educational, from entertainment to informational use, they can be utilized for each and every purpose.

 Many sports fans use custom bumper stickers to show their support for their favorite team, while educational organizations use them in order to promote their institution. Bumper stickers can also be used to express the individual creativity of the vehicle owner. They are extremely good at conveying messages to others on the road.

 NC Logowear’s Adhesive Vinyl uses a 4 mil white PVC film with a clear permanent adhesive backing. It is definitely ideal for outside use and can be perfectly placed for flat surface applications. Customers will never have to worry about peeling problems for these stickers are of excellent quality.

 The features of NC Logowear stickers have a maximum size of 52″ high and 159′ wide, which means that any size fits. The high resolution of these perfect quality bumper stickers are digitally printed at 720 x 720 which is printed on one side only. These impressive bumper stickers can be used indoor and outdoor, in the sun, in the rain because it is waterproof and UV safe that will surely last for years.

 About NC Logowear

 For more than 34 years, NC Logowear has provided top quality team, company, and corporate promotional products with competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Their specialties include screen printing and embroidery. From a basic t-shirt to an intricate embroidered design, their talented staff of digital artists, printers, embroiderers and color specialists can bring your vision to life. Their showroom has everything you need for products on special events, promotions and giveaways. Having your company logo or any individual idea printed on your shirt, mugs, banners and signs is their main expertise; with professionally crafted designs that make a huge impact to clients and customers of all ages.

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