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Brands such as Adidas Golf, Alternative, Authentic Pigment, Bella, Champion, Dickies, Izod, New Balance, Russell Athletic, Gildan, Hanes etc


Brands such as Eddie Bauer, District, Ogio, New Era, Spot-Tek, Port Authority, Corner Stone, Gildan, Hanes etc


Brands such as River’s End, Columbia, Ping, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste etc

Rivers End

High Quality Woven shirts, Polos. Also check out CLIQUE a Great Value Line

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High Quality Headwear


Medical Apparel including Scrubs and lab coats by Grey’s Anatomy, ICU, NRG, Elan, Prima, OverPRO and Mr Barco

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Medical Apparel including Scrubs and lab coats by Grey’s Anatomy, ICU, NRG, Elan, Prima, OverPRO and Mr Barco.
NC LogoWear has you covered, with a range of clothing items and a collection of embroidery designs that are second to none. Use your logo to customize t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and much more. You can create your own artwork or logo to make embroidered golf shirts for a company tournament, jackets for outdoor workers, jerseys for an athletic team. Our experienced art-department can also help you achieve any look you desire.
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Embroidery artwork – please email us an electronic file of the design you want embroidered. We can except most any file type (.eps, .ai, .tif, .jpeg, .pdf, .gif, .bmp, etc.). We can start by providing a stitch quote and then digitize the finished design for embroidery (at a one time fee). NC will keep the design for future embroidery on caps, bags, jackets and shirts. Art charges may cost extra.
If you have any questions or concerns with the above options please call our customer service line at
Charlotte 1-704-469-7583, Raleigh 1-919-821-4646, 1-877-865-9327 or email us and someone will be happy to work through the details with you.


The table below shows the pricing for various numbers of pieces to be embroidered and the number of stitches required for each piece. Locate the number of pieces you wish to have embroidered across the top of the chart. Next, read down the left hand side of the chart to locate the number of stitches your design will require. The intersection of the vertical column of pieces with the horizontal row of stitches will land you on the price (each) for your order. Keep Greensboro NCLogowear in mind for all of your embroidery needs.



6-12 13-24 25-48 49-72 73-144 145-288 289-600
Stitches Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces Pieces
0-7000 $8.00 $7.00 $6.25 $5.75 $5.50 $4.50 $4.00
7001-8000 $9.00 $8.00 $7.00 $6.50 $6.25 $5.50 $4.50
8001-9000 $10.00 $9.00 $8.00 $7.50 $7.00 $6.25 $5.25
9001-10000 $11.00 $10.00 $9.00 $8.50 $8.00 $7.00 $6.00
10001-11000 $12.00 $11.00 $10.00 $9.50 $8.50 $7.50 $6.50
11001-12000 $13.00 $12.00 $11.00 $10.50 $9.50 $8.25 $7.00
12001-13000 $14.00 $13.00 $12.00 $11.50 $10.50 $9.00 $7.50
13001-14000 $15.00 $14.00 $13.00 $11.50 $11.00 $9.50 $8.25
14001-15000 $16.00 $15.00 $14.00 $12.50 $12.00 $10.00 $9.00
Prices per logo per locationDigitizing (set up) Fee varies on LogoDigitizing takes 24-48 hours.15,000 Stitches or more – Call for pricing.600 pieces or more – Call for pricing.
Positions or Names: $5.00 each.Rush Jobs: 35% extra.Prices shown are per item and do not include set up or digitizing chargesPrices also do not include sales taxes and shipping charges if applicable.