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Collapsible Koozies

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What’s the best way to quench your customers’ thirst and your parched promotional campaign? A set of personalized drink holders or insulated coolers for your next event! Whether you’re keeping one drink or 24 drinks cool at a time, personalized koozies and coolers from NC are a head-turning, eye-catching good time!

Koozies 25 50 100
Pieces Pieces Pieces
one color one side $2.00 each $1.90 each $1.75 each
one color two sides $2.75 each $2.55 each $2.25 each

Screen set up charge $15.00 is extra

Price is shown with same image on both sides

Please contact us if you have any questions

Please call for larger quantities

The ideal giveaway for concerts, weddings, anniversary parties, and any other outdoor events, imprinted koozies will keep beverages icy cold (or toasty warm) as well as display your official logo to any guests in attendance. If you’re hoping for VIP guests to be interested in your company, you will need to impress them with useful gifts at every event. Your brand will be the center of attention at any event when you offer to wrap the guests’ bottles and cans in your very own personalized koozies.
Want to appeal to a large crowd? Have customized coolers keeping drinks cold and fresh at your next corporate picnic or golf outing – people will be gathering around your imprinted logo to grab chilled drinks! Raising money has never been easier, and hanging out with fellow employees doesn’t get any cooler than this.
You won’t just be making impressions at your own event – your customers will put their new custom coolers to use at any of their own barbeques, pool parties, or family reunions. Every time they reuse this handy gift, they will be spreading the word about your company! What more can you ask for from a promotional product?
Taking a big swig of success has never been easier. With your existing logo or slogan, customized koozies will wrap up a whole bunch of loose ends in your marketing plan while it soaks up brand new customers. Custom Collapsible Koozies and personalized coolers are certain to freeze the competition in its tracks!