What is Heat Transfer Printing?

Heat printing, also known as heat transfer printing, is the process of transferring heat-applied materials to various items (or substrates) using a heat press.
digital heat transfer printers
Generally speaking, the term “heat transfer printing” refers to the personalization and customization of garments, other textiles, and hard goods using a heat press. There is a wide variety of material that can be applied through heat printing, from heat transfer vinyls (commonly used on athletic uniforms), heat transfer materials featuring special effects (such as glow-in-the-dark or reflective properties), and screen printed transfers, to name just a few. Heat printing products are also referred to as heat applied graphics and heat transfers.There are several options for garment decoration, such as screen printing and embroidery. Heat printing can be used in place of other methods or to supplement them.

Transfer Paper

Using a desktop color laser copier/printer or inkjet printer, full color designs are printed onto specialized transfer papers and heat applied to apparel or fabrics. This method is quick and inexpensive, allowing almost instant customization and requiring limited inventory of goods. Photo-quality images can be quickly printed and applied to garments.While this method offers the advantage of high-quality images, it has some drawbacks. Standard transfer paper will not show white images on any garment. Because most desktop printers do not have white ink, any areas which show white on the transfer paper will show as the garment color after application. This can be avoided by using special paper for dark garments, though this paper is more expensive and has a heavier feel than standard transfer paper. Also, unless properly trimmed, most transfer papers will leave an outline of excess coating around the image when transferred onto garments. Precise (and often time-consuming) trimming must be done before application. Furthermore, transfer paper is not as long-lasting as other decorating options.
heat transfer printing tshirts
heat transfer printing custom tshirts

Heat Transfer Material

Often used for production of letters and numbers on T-shirts and jerseys, this method involves heat application of designs cut from vinyl, which is available in a variety of colors, textures, and effects (i.e. reflective, glow-in-the-dark, etc.). These designs can be pre-ordered from a manufacturer or custom-cut in-house using vinyl cutting equipment. Heat transfer material images are sturdy and long-lasting, and can be applied easily (using a heat press) to a number of different garments and accessories in any quantity.

Digital Printing

Digital printing describes any process which produces long-lasting full color transfers. Extremely versatile, digital printing allows images and graphics with fine details to be applied to both light and dark-colored garments.
Heat transfer printing by roland equipments
perfect heat transfer printing custom tshirt

Printable Heat Transfer Material

Combining the durability of heat transfer vinyl with the ability to produce high-quality images, this method involves using a printer/cutter to produce an image which is then weeded and heat applied. Designs can be custom-ordered from a manufacturer or produced using in-house equipment. Great for low-quantity jobs and personalization; durable full color images can be applied to garments and accessories of any color.

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